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We do repairs for iPhones, iPads and Macs

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iXpert-iPhone Service Center Chennai

iXpert is a team that is filled with certified professionals expertized in handling and repairing your Apple products. With the state-of-the-art technical facility and repair process, we make sure your i-Products are as good as new.

Customer testimonials

Gokul - iPhone

Was utterly disappointed after completely shattering my iPhone's display, was kind of skeptical at the start to go to non-apple service center. But Thank God I did, absolutely loved it the service.

Keerthana - Mac

Out classes Apple service center by a long shot! Not even a year after buying the brand new MacBook Pro, it just died on me due to some reasons!, While contacting apple they are up for a big deal of money, But these guys were exceptional.

Jason - iPad

It was a pleasure with iXpert. I mean you can actually see the difference when it comes to service, These guys just made my day, repairing my Ipad right at my doorstep as they promised.

We Offer Services for


Touch & LCD Replacement

Battery Replacement

Charging Problem

Water Damage


Touch & LCD Replacement

Battery Replacement

Charging Problem

Water Damage


Touch & LCD Replacement

Battery Replacement

Charging Problem

Water Damage


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Address : No: 14/57 Rulmani Road ,Kalakshetra Colony Besant Nagar Chennai-90


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